Gereco and the future of impolite geography

Vistors to impolitegeography in recent months will have noticed a quiet spell. This has been caused by several distractions – not least John Morgan emigrating to New Zealand this year. David Lambert is also stepping down from the GA. During these changes we have decided to broaden the base of impolite geography. It is now ‘hosted’ by Gereco – see the link to the right.

But we have not turned this into a committee blog! Individual members of gereco will occasionally write their own provocations. The ethos is the same: to record thoughtful short pieces on geographical perspectives. We do so in an educational context. That is, education in its broadest sense – and we are reminded of Alastair Bonnett’s recent point in Geography (vol 97, No 1, p 41) that geography, the ancient world subject, has always, ultimately, been about human survival.



1 Response to “Gereco and the future of impolite geography”

  1. 1 DJ March 29, 2012 at 12:25 pm

    Alastiar Bonnett’s point chimes rather well with today’s ‘Planet Under Pressure’ conference at which the announcement of the Anthropocene forms the centrre piece

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